Pierre Wilke

Bureau 504
CentraleSupélec -- Campus de Rennes
Avenue de la Boulaie
35510 Cesson-Sévigné -- France
Email: pierre.wilke@centralesupelec.fr

Since September 2018, I am an associate professor at CentraleSupélec in Rennes, in the CIDRE team.

Before that, from January 2017 until August 2018, I was a postdoc in the FLINT group at Yale University.
My research activites took place in the CertiKOS project whose aim is to build and formally verify an Operating System kernel.

I did my Ph.D. thesis in the Celtique team at Université de Rennes 1, from August 2013 until November 2016. My research was about formally verified compilation of low level C code


I am intereseted in program analysis, compilation, formal methods, operating systems, low-level code and cybersecurity.




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